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Collecting Electrodes

Collecting Electrodes are the collection surface made of sheet metal on which the particulate mater is collected after being negatively charged within the gas passage of the ESP. Designs of the plates vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. These plates are secured to the ESP shell at ground potential and serve as the positive anode of the gas passage.

General details of the Collecting Plates are given below: -

  • Raw Material: Normally the Collecting Plates are made of Carbon Steel. However, for some applications where carbon steel made plates are corroded regularly, these are manufactured with stainless steel or an alloy steel.
  • Sheet Thickness: The thickness of the collecting plates range from 0.5 to 2.0mm.
  • Spacing: The spacing between the plates vary for different designs of ESP. For example, ESPs with wire type of emitting electrodes, plates are spaced from 150 to 300mm apart. High-efficiency ESPs (using wires) has spacing of 200 to 230 mm. ESPs usingrigid-frame or plate type discharge electrodes have a spacing of 300 to 400 mm betwee the plates.
  • Height: Collecting Plates are normally 6 to 14M high.

Designs: Collection plates are of many designes and are illustrated in the figure below. To increase plate strength, the plates are sometimes reinforced with structural stiffeners. Stiffeners act as baffles andenable reduction of particle reentrainment into the strem. Since this design ensures that energy is evenly distributed throughout the plate, it helps by reducing the energy required to dislodge the dust into the hoppers below.

Collecting electrodes from Helios
Collecting electrodes from Helios 2
Collecting electrodes from Helios 3
Collecting electrodes from Helios 4
Collecting electrodes designs

Helios manufactures and supplies Collecting Plates of all major designs globally. Clients using the following designs of ESP's may contact Helios for immediate supplies and requirements of Collecting Plates: -

  • Flakt
  • Thermax
  • Lodge Cottrell
  • Research Cottrell
  • Lurgi – ZT and CSV
  • Peabody
  • Beth Etc

Collecting Electrodes manufactured by Helios undergo a stringent quality control system which ensures straightness throughout the length of the plates. The finished plates are packed in steel crates for a damage free transit and handling.

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