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Revamping and Rebuilds

With industries becoming more and more responsibe towards the environment and at the same time the pollution control norms stipulated by the Government Agencies becoming stringent, old ESP's require revamps and upgrades. Team Helios has successfully revamped and upgraded number of ESP's of various designs, applications, parameters and sizes. Strength of Helios is in its project planning and site management which ensures cost effective and timely executiion.

Our strength is: -

  • Internals and components are custom built to match all installations
  • Helios has experience for all OEM designs, including
    • Alstom
    • BHEL
    • Research Cottrell
    • Andrew Yule: Beth / Peabody
    • ETS Elex
    • Thermax
    • Lodge Cottrell
    • And many more
  • Including mechanical, Helios expamines all aspects of the ESP.
  • Overview and analysis of the existing ESP is provided.
  • In case any design changes are required, the details of the same are provided.
  • Increases accuracy of planning.
  • System efficiency is optimised and the emission is decreased
  • The USP of our solutions include the following: -
    • Experienced crews.
    • Experienced supervisors.
    • Quick and efficient repairs experience.
    • The back-up of highly experienced and trained engineers.
Helios is a One Stop Source for all products and services related to Electrostatic Precipitators including Internals, Externals – both Mechanical and Electrical parts, Repairs, Rebuilds and Upgrades on turnkey basis etc. To know more please Click Here.

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