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Emitting Electrodes, also knows as Discharge Electrodes is the heart os the ESP. These are High Voltage internal and ionizes the gases and creates the electrical field. When the voltage breaks the gas down at the surface of the electrode, it generates corona power. This leads to creation of corona tufts on the surface of the electrode. Negative polariy voltage is applied to the electrode.

The electrode design depends on various factors including the process for which the ESP is installed and the properties and composition of the flue gas.

Types of Emitting Electrodes: For the corona generation, initially thin and round wires were installed. In some cases, twisted, barbed or square wires were also used.Nowadays, mostly rigid support frames are used for the electrodes. Frames may consist of spiral-spring electrodes, serrated strips, or needle / spikes mounted on a support strip. Rigid type electrodes are also used in some applications, which is made from a single piece of fabricated metal.

Helios manufactures and supplies Emitting / Discharge Electrodes for Electrostatic Precipitators of all designs and makes. Raw material used for the manufacturing directly impacts the life and durabity of the Electrodes. The finish of the product greatly affects the corona generation and overall performance of the ESP. As such, proper care is taken in the manufacturing of each and every Emitting Electrode as well as the packing of the finished materials. The following designs of Emitting Electrodes are manufactured by us: -

  • Emitting Electrodes design1
  • Emitting Electrodes
  • Spiral Emitting Electrodes
  • Pipe and Spike Type Electrode
  • Multi-peak Discharge Electrodes
  • Straight Round Wires
  • Twisted pairs of Wires
  • Barbed Discharge Wires
  • Rigid masts
  • Rigid frames
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