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ESP Insulator is one of the critical parts of an insulator and Helios is a proven source for the same. The range of Insulators covered by Helios includes the following: -

  • Conical Support Insulator
  • Cylindrical Support Insulator
  • Shaft Insulator
  • Pin Insulator
  • Wall-through Bushing Insulator

The Porcelain and High Alumina Insulator for ESP manufactured and supplied by Helios ensures: -

  • Optimum insulating capability at high temperatures.
  • High resistance to thermal shock and low thermal expansion thereby avoiding any insulator cracking.
  • Excellent mechanical strength and impact strength reducing failure due to mechanical stress.
  • Glazed surface reducing the deposit of dirt and dust.
  • Suitable for ESP's working in temperatures up-to 400°C.

Normally the clients want the insulators to be supplied immediately as and when the need arises. As such, we maintain a regular stock of the common designs and can supply them at a days notice.

Helios is a One Stop Source for all products and services related to Electrostatic Precipitators including Internals, Externals – both Mechanical and Electrical parts, Repairs, Rebuilds and Upgrades on turnkey basis etc. To know more please Click Here.

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