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Helios Air Pollution Control experts through the years of serving the industry have gained substantial knowledge and experience in handling and setting right various problems faced in ESP's installed in different applications and industries. During the ESP inspection, Engineers perform internal system inspections during shutdown of the ESP. This helps in predictive maintenance plans and also helps to identify areas requiring attention or causing problem and can be rectified. The inspections include following as required: -

  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Gas Distribution Flow
  • ISO-Kinetic Tests
  • Process etc.

Once the inspection is completed, a detailed inspection report is provided to the client giving details of the ESP, the work carried out, areas of concern, recommendations for further improvement of performance etc.

inspection analysis image

Helios has an experience of carrying out inspection in ESP's installed in the following industries: -

  • Thermal Power Plant
  • Co-Generation Plant
  • Blast Furnace
  • Sinter Plants
  • Lime and Dolomite Shops
  • Soda Recovery Boiler
  • Sponge Iron Plants
  • Cement Mill
  • Cement Kiln
  • Cooler and Raw Mill

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