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Gas distribution screen from Helios One electrical field of an electrostatic precipitator is by itself an independent precipitator and within the field, each Gas passage is also an independent ESP. Its operation is governed by the inlet gas and dust conditions, as well as the collecting plate and discharge electrode geometries. As such, creating similar gas and dust conditions in each field and gas passage is of prime importance. Gas Distribution Devices play a vital role to achieve this.
Gas distribution screen from Helios 2 Gas Distribution Devices consist of turning vanes in the inlet ductwork, and perforated gas distribution plates in the inlet and/or outlet fields of the precipitator. These Screens are of modular design manufactured out of Steel sheets and hang within a frame work in the ESP inlet casing to maintain uniform distribution pattern of gas flow throughout the cross section of ESP.
Gas distribution screen from Helios 3 Helios is a preferred source for Gas Distribution Screens required for the ESP's. Apart from the Gas Distribution Screens, Helios is also experienced in carrying our Gas Distribution Tests to understand the present Gas Flow in the ESP with a view to optimize the same to the extent possible.
Helios is a One Stop Source for all products and services related to Electrostatic Precipitators including Internals, Externals – both Mechanical and Electrical parts, Repairs, Rebuilds and Upgrades on turnkey basis etc. To know more please Click Here.

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