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Tumbling Type and MIGI Type

Helios is a reliable and dependable source for Rapping systems and its parts. Helios supplies both Tumbling Hammer Type and Magnetic Impulse (MIGI) Type Rapping Systems. Please click below as per your need: -

rapping tumbling hammer imageTumbling Hammer Type
rapping tumbling hammer designMagnetic Impulse (MIGI) Type

RapperSystems enable the dislodging of the dust collected on the surface of the Collecting Plates and Emitting Electrodes. Sometimes these are also used for the GD Screens and Hopper Walls. They hit the Collecting Plates and the Electrodes as per a pre-set tme interval, which leads to the dust getting dislodged and falling into the hoppers below. Rapping methods include:

  1. Discharge Electrode Rapping

    The rapping systems for the discharge electrode is normally set to a time interval of 2 – 4 minutes range. This depends on the size and the volume of the SPM in the inlet. The surface of the discharge electrodes is kept free from dust to the extent possible.

  2. Collecting Plate Rapping

    Maximum dust is removed from the collecting plate surface. Normally collecting plates are hanged from anvil beams or directly from the ESP Casing with hooks. Based on the design of the collecting electrode suspension, the plates are either rapped at the top or bottom on the anvil beams.

  3. Gas Distribution Plate and Hopper Wall Rapping

    In some installations, particulate build up also happens on the Gas Distribution Screen surface as well as the Hopper Walls. In such a case it is important to free these surfaces from dust. Rappers are installed with 10 – 20 minutes rapping range depending on the particle size and the valume of the inlet gas.

  4. 4. Improving Rapping System Performance

    The rapper performance can be optimized by adjusting the time interval between the rapping. Normally lesser gap between the intervals is programmed for the initial fields and a longer gap for the fields towards the outlet. Rapper setting is an expertised job which is excelled with experience and knowledge, which is available with the engineers of Helios.

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