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Magnetic Impulse Type Rapping System

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For the rapping of the CE and DE, Magnetic-Impulse Rapper (MIGI Rapper) are installed in many designs of ESP's. A current pulse in a coil raises a steel plunger inside the MIGI Rappers. Then by the effect of gravity, the plunger drops back and strikes a rod which is connected to many plates inside the ESP. Frequency and intensity of the rapper are controlled by an electrical controlling system.

Therappers for the collecting plates and discharge electrodes are generally mounted on thepenthouse roof for easy maintenance.The collecting plate rappers are mounted at the leading and trailing edge of thecollecting plates.The rapper assembly consists of a 2" diameter solid rod plunger, with a stainless steel tip to eliminate magnetization, which is free to move within a smooth phenolic guide tube around which is wound a copper solenoid type coil. The windings are epoxy encapsulated. A weatherproof metal casingprotects all the components.

Helios is a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium quality ESP MIGI Type Rapping Mechanism. Designed keeping in mind various industrial requirements, this product is produced using high quality raw material. We offer Rapping Mechanism in both, standard and customized specifications as per the requirements of clients at cost effective price range.

We can supply you the complete MIGI Rapper or any part thereof.

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