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Hopper Heater: The suspended particulate matter (SPM) from the Flue Gas Strem passing through the ESP's are collected in the hoppers below. These are then removed from the ESP and carried by Conveyors of various designs. However, choking and accumulation of this dust sometimes happens in the hoppers due to the presence of moisture and low temperature in the hoppers. This adversely affects the performance of an ESP. As such, hopper heaters are installed in the hopper walls which helps in maintaining the temperature in the hoppers, thereby avoiding any choking or acumulation.

Insulator Heaters: The successful performance of an ESP is depending on many factory including the temperature inside the ESP. Air Ingress takes place in the ESP's through the openings of the Insulators. Heaters are installed here to heat the entering air thereby maintaining the temperature within the ESP.

Helios is a One Stop Shop for all internals of ESP including the electrical parts. The following parts are available with us mostly ex-stock: -

  • Hopper Heaters
  • Insulator Heaters
  • Thermostats
  • Disconnecting Switch Assembly

We look forward to your valued enquiries for all such items and assure you of our prompt response.

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