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Tumbling Hammer Type Rapping system

In a Tumbling Hammer type Rapping System, Hammers are placed on a shaft which rotates and the hammers drop due to the effect of gravity and hit the anvils or the frames. Weight of the hammers and the length of the hammer mounting arm directly impacts the intensity of the rapping. Rapping frequency is adjusted by altering the rotation speed.

Helios manufactures and supplies all the parts of the Tumbling Hammer type Rapping System. These systems go through a lot of wear and tear due to the nature of its operation and various parts need replacement during the maintenance shutdowns of the plant.

The following parts can be suppled by Helios at very short notices to meet the maintenance requirements of clients: -

  • Inner Arms
  • Outer Arms
  • Plain Bearings
  • Shock Bar
  • Shock Bar Pad
  • Shock Bar Guide
  • And many more

The spares can be supplied for CERM, EERM and GPPRM. Helios also supplies the complete range of products for the MIGI Type Rapping Systems.

rapping tumbling system
rapping tumbling hammer
tumbling system hammer
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